We recently sent a pair of White Ballet Satin Rose L’Amour Girls Shoes, to a girl named Savanna. Her mom Brandi, has a blog http://www.fivemonkies.com, where she put a review for these particular shoes.  We were really happy to know that Savanna loved the shoes and couldn’t wait to wear them.  The satin material on the shoe goes great with any type of outfit your princess decides to wear. Whether it’s for a casual outfit or a more dress up look for a special occasion. The sturdy sole is flexible enough to run, walk, or stand in, and still be comfortable and easy on her feet.

Brandi currently has a giveaway for a $35 Pink Princess gift certificate on her blog until April 10, 2010, Saturday. Feel free to check it out and give your own thoughts and opinions on Pink Princess products that you’ve ordered for your little ones or for someone special.

White Ballet Satin Rose L'Amour Girls Shoes

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  1. Brandi says:

    Yep, Savanna sure does love her shoes. She tries to sneak out in them, and even hangs them up in her closet. She says she is keeping them safe. LOL Thank you so much for the wonderful shoes to review and the amazing giveaway you have provided for my readers.

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