predict Notice anything different about Pink Princess lately? …We have a new face for Pink Princess!

map Pink Princess has been improved with a navigation arranged neatly for your convenience. We have a new advanced search filter, helping you find what you are searching for more rapidly. Larger photos for a better view of merchandise details and brand new model images throughout the entire website!

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discriminate Our item detail page is now more efficient with a wider more organized look which makes it virtually effortless to purchase, review item details, see what previous customers have to say about that particular item and even share with friends and family directly onto your social network of choice. We have added a cool feature called “Recently Viewed Items” which actually keeps track of the last item you viewed, saving you the hassle of going back and trying to find it!

We couldn’t forget about our Princess Gallery. Describing the improvements would take the fun out of the many photos and testimonies from satisfied customers, take a look for yourself here!

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