We love getting pictures from our wonderful customers. It always gives us so much joy to see your children having a special moment in a Pink Princess dress or outfit.  Each picture we receive from you is important to us, and for our blog this week, we want to highlight two submissions that have touched us and humbled us.

These pictures are from our amazing military families.  They make daily sacrifices to ensure our freedom and safety, and we are so honored that they chose Pink Princess for their most special occasions.

Military Mom Nicole shares this STUNNING picture of her princess Jacki with Dad at the Father Daughter Princess Ball.

Nicole writes: “Here is a photo of my daughter at the Father Daughter Princess Ball. My husband and I are US Military and stationed overseas so the dresses are limited over here. It was getting close to the ball and I happen to come upon Pink Princess. The first dress I wanted was on backorder, I was afraid that I wouldn’t have time so I emailed Pink Princess and asked if I could trade that dress for another. Pink Princess was happy to assist me and my daughter got her dress in a week, even overseas. Great dresses and even better customer service, I will definitely be coming back.

Thank you, Nicole, for your and your husband’s service to our country.  We appreciate you!

Mommy Courtney sent in two PRECIOUS pictures of her princess Makayla going to the Navy Ball with her daddy.

Courtney tells us: “(Here is) Makayla in a beautiful dress from Pink Princess going to the Navy Ball with her daddy! I found this dress on the website and couldn’t pass it up! It is beautiful and exactly what I wanted! She felt like a real princess in this dress! Beautifully made, great quality and super fast shipping! LOVE IT!”

We love it that we got to be a part of your very special day, Courtney!

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