There is no denying the pretty appeal of pastels, especially during the spring time. This is the perfect pair for flower girl and ring bearer this spring season. This sweet, delicate and simple look is what makes these my favorite outfits for spring. The Pink Empire Waist Tulle Dress Dress also comes in various pastel colors along with your choice of color sash. The Boys Poly Silk Vest can also be changed to a cute little bow tie also available in various colors,  making this one of the most versatile outfits for a wedding. Every bride loves options, making this the perfect wedding pair outfit for the season.

Pink Spring Wedding Collection

For Flower Girl: Buy the Empire Waist Tulle DressKids Flats with Flower Bow & RhinestoneRuffled Lace Gloves, and Rose Petals.

For Ring Bearer: Buy theBoys Striped Seersucker Suit, Boys Poly Silk Vest & Clip-On Necktie, Smooth Boys Formal Dress Shoes and Ring Bearer Pillow with Satin Roses

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