One of my favorite things to do lately is ask my son about animals. His room has an animal theme, and we have been reading books about animals for several months. He is finally at a place where he is starting to connect the dots and correlate the different animals to their sounds. My favorite of his impressions is the elephant. He sticks his arm out for the trunk (just like I taught him- proud mama) and goes “woooo!” Then there is the doggie sound, to which he puffs out his sweet little cheeks and bounces his lips up and down as he imitates a dog bark. His lion roar is quite adorable, too. He’s the cutest little lion I have ever seen!

This time of understanding and connecting things is really fun to experience with him. Each time he learns a new animal sound, it is bittersweet. I love watching him learn, but it just reminds me how grown up my little boy is. My little bear cub is becoming a big bear. He has been getting lots of bear hugs from mama bear lately. Times like these are good because they allow me to really focus on my son and cherish every moment I can with him. He has not officially spoken his first word yet, but that’s fine by me. For now, I am enjoying his animal antics and imitations. I just wonder what sound he would make if someone asked him, “what  does mama say?…”

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