Fall is officially here, and that means that fall wedding season has started. Fall is one of my two favorite seasons because the beauty of nature is so visible and all of my senses get renewed. I guess I just love things associated with fall- pumpkin flavored anything, deep earthy colors, sunny weather with a nice breeze. Fall puts me at ease in a way that other seasons can’t.

So when I think about fall weddings, I can’t help but smile. There are so many ways to be creative with the planning. From fall decor to fall food, weddings during this season should not be missed. Thinking of having a fall wedding? Here are a few suggestions on how to incorporate fall into your big day:

  • Choose a color scheme with fall colors (burnt orange/deep red/olive green)
  • Decorate centerpieces with leaves and twigs. Throw in some cinnamon sticks for a fall scent
  • Instead of cake, serve caramel apples or pumpkin pie
  • Choose a signature drink that is fall festive (cider, perhaps?)
  • Add some fall to your hairstyle by sticking in some colorful leaves or flowers
  • Pumpkins. Use pumpkins. It doesn’t matter how, just incorporate them

These are just a few of the ways to really up the fall factor at your wedding. What are some other ideas you have? Have you ever been to a totally over the top fall celebration?

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