When I was pregnant with my first child, I assumed that my husband and I were going to find out whether or not we were having a boy or a girl. And then he told me that he didn’t want to know.

“How will we know how to decorate the nursery?”

“How can we buy baby clothes?”

“How can we choose a name if we don’t know what we’re having?”

These were just a few of the questions I asked. As someone who has always been a planner, and doesn’t like waiting until the last minute to get things done, I couldn’t imagine not planning ahead for my little bundle of joy. I suggested to my husband that I find out the gender and just not tell him, but I knew I would probably let it slip at some point, and so, he won.

And you know what? I’m glad that he did. The mystery of my baby’s gender kept my pregnancy more exciting. We ended up doing a jungle themed nursery that would work for either a boy or a girl. We registered for gender neutral items and decided on both a boy’s name and a girl’s name.

Throughout my pregnancy, I was convinced I was having a boy. I just knew it. (And I was right.) This time around though, I don’t have that “feeling.” But truthfully, it doesn’t matter. If I have a girl, I will get to experience something entirely new and different. I will have one of each, and that will be pretty cool. If I have another boy, things will be a bit easier. I already “speak” boy. I have boy clothes. My kids will probably be close friends. So either way, I’m a winner.

There are very few mysteries in life, and keeping my child’s gender unknown until it’s time for them to enter the world is one of those mysteries worth cherishing. So the next time someone asks me, “What are you having?” I am going to answer the same way I did last time:

“I am having a human.”

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