With spring just a couple of weeks away (yahoo!), it’s time to start thinking about spring wedding season. This means pretty colors, lovely weather and lots of flowers. So when it comes to flower girls, this is a great time to accessorize with spring floral hair accessories. Hair wreaths and headbands are an easy and stylish way to add some spring to your flower girl’s look. PinkPrincess has a great selection of head accessories for flower girls that are perfect for spring. If your flower girl’s dress is white or ivory, a floral hair accessory will dress up her look and add some color. If her dress is colored, you can go with a floral hair piece in a more neutral color, like ivory or gold. Or, you can go all out and put your flower girl in a colored dress, along with a colorful hair accessory.

If you like the idea of your flower girl having a floral hair piece, but you want something more simple, you can also try a cute flower girl hair clip. And of course, if you don’t want to go overboard with flowers, you can also do a hair accessory in a bow or go with a plain headband. Adding some type of hair accessory to your flower girl’s ensemble will dress up her look and also get her spring wedding ready.

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