They make you smile. They make you laugh. One look into their eyes, and you melt. They are the loves of your life, and they complete you. It’s no wonder so many couples include them in their wedding ceremonies.

Our four legged friends are family. For many couples, they are the only babies they’ll ever have. So when that big day comes, there is no question in their minds that their furry friends will be a part of the day.


Want to have your fur baby be a part of your wedding? Consider these ideas:

  • If your ceremony location allows for it, have them carry the rings (or just the pillow) down the aisle
  • Put them in a simple bow tie and have them act as a “greeter” as guests arrive
  • Dress them in coordinating attire and give them a spot as a bridal party member
  • Simply have them there. Assign someone to be the “babysitter” and let them watch all the action
  • Put them on a leash and have them accompany you down the aisle (or perhaps ride on a horse for a beach wedding?)
You do want to be careful that your precious pet doesn’t completely steal the spotlight from you. As much as you want them involved, this day is supposed to be all about you. And we all know how irresistible those precious little four legged friends can be.
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