I love both of my children equally. I love them in different ways, but in equal amounts. However, one thing I’ve noticed since having baby #2 is the way my parenting has changed. It’s become much more laid back, and I find that I don’t worry as much about the stuff I did when I first became a mom. It’s an approach to motherhood that I’ve seen other moms share on social media, and in conversations on play dates.

I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse for my 2nd child, but here’s a few ways I have changed when it comes to being a mama to baby #2.

With my first baby, I was extra careful when it came to cleanliness. If I saw one speck of dirt on the floor, I would quickly move the baby, vacuum up the dirt and then keep him away from that area the rest of the day. With baby #2, it’s tinidazole price аlign “Is that dirt? Hmm. I wonder where that came from. Oh well. God made dirt, and dirt don’t hurt.”

When it comes to safety, I was paranoid with everything my first baby did. https://trueaccess.co.uk/45500-buy-careprost.html “Oh my gosh, he’s crawling towards the table! He’s going to bump his head! He’ll get brain damage! I have to put soft bumpers on the corners!” But now? isoniazid price “She might bump her head if she crawls towards the table. Eh, she’s a tough cookie. She’s got to learn somehow.”

Getting my first baby dressed meant making sure he had a crisp, clean shirt and wrinkle-free pants. My mini fashionista? maxalt price She can totally rock her little jeggings three days in a row, as long as they don’t smell like poop.

These are just a few examples of how my 2nd round of parenting has helped me chill out a bit. I’ve realized that children are much more resilient than we give them credit for, and that we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.

еquip http://lokoli.com/47191-stugeron-usa.html So, mamas, can you relate? Or were you just as cautious with every child?

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