Weddings today are becoming more and more unconventional. Many brides, while still desiring a traditional wedding environment, are looking for ways to incorporate unique elements into their big day. Some choose a casual, laid back ceremony on the beach. Others only invite a handful of friends & family. And there’s the group of brides-to-be who want to dazzle with their wedding style. Maybe it’s by wearing a pink wedding dress, or sporting some bright blue pumps. But what about trying a temporary tattoo?

Temporary flash tattoos are increasing in popularity, and many brides are taking advantage of the metallic jewelry look that they offer.  They can be applied anywhere- arms, chest, feet- making them truly versatile and offering a personalized touch to a bride’s look.

There are also fun and colorful ones that members of the bridal party can wear for a bachelorette party or pre-wedding night on the town. Or, if you really want to be daring, have your girls wear their flash tattoos for the wedding!

If you can’t find the perfect piece of jewelry to go with your wedding dress, or if you’re interested in something less traditional for accessorizing, a temporary flash tattoo is a great way to add sparkle to your wedding ensemble!

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