One thing I miss about living in California is spending summer weekends at the beach. I’m not one who goes in the ocean, but I do enjoy walking in the sand and admiring God’s handiwork. If I see a beautiful seashell, I’ll probably pick it up. If I see a little crab, I’ll probably run and scream like a little girl. There is so much to find at the beach, and I love being able to explore.

For some couples, the beach is so prominent in their lives that they choose to get married on the sand. And summertime is the perfect time for a beach wedding. So why not combine those two things- summer and the beach- when planning your big day? You can go all out with the decor and serve seafood. Or, you can choose a few ways to incorporate beach elements but shy away from having them everywhere.

One beach element I love the idea of using for a wedding is a starfish. There is something so ethereal and romantic about starfish. But also, you don’t see starfish everyday in weddings. A starfish is unique, so it adds an extra touch of special to your day. You could go with starfish boutonnieres for the guys, or have your flower girl’s basket decked out with a starfish. Or, you could adorn your hair with some starfish accessories.

How would you incorporate a starfish into your beach themed wedding?



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