Fall is in the air! Well, almost. In just a few weeks, this heat wave will finally start to settle down as the fall weather officially makes its mark in September. We can break out the layering pieces and start getting ready for all things pumpkin spice. Speaking of pumpkin, it’s more than a flavor, it’s also a color. And it’s one of the best colors for fall. That’s why I want to highlight our Pom Pom Doortje Orange Top, which is a gorgeous pumpkin hue.

Besides the festive fall color, this top is also adorable! The ruffles down the front add a fun girly flair, and it’s practical to wear for everyday. You know what makes it even cuter, though? Pairing it with our Mimi & Maggie Maldives Island Chasing The Waves Beach Pant. The relaxed fit and elastic waistband will keep your girl comfortable. But also, pairing these two pieces together creates a stylish Bohemian look that is really fabulous! Plus, the beachy print on the pants makes it feel like you’re still on summer vacation, even though the leaving are changing color.



Get your girl excited for fall with this perfect pumpkin ensemble. Then maybe take her out for a pumpkin flavored fall treat to kick off the season! (Don’t worry, you can grab yourself a chai latte while you’re out.)

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