There’s no doubt that it’s appropriate to have children take part in a wedding — there’s nothing cuter than a pint-sized tuxedo on a young ring-bearer or a pair of toddlers all prettied up strewing rose petals down the aisle. But keeping the youngsters and their friends occupied, happy — and clean — during the reception might require a bit of ingenuity. Focus on the fun and protect the adorable party clothes at the same time with these inspired wedding ideas.

Keep Them Moving

Children, of course, are bundles of energy, so to keep them occupied, be sure to offer multiple activities. One easy way to do that is to provide several different stations around the ballroom. One can be an art center, one a games center, another for snacks and drinks, and still another stocked with books and coloring books. If yours is an outdoor wedding, spread tarps or blankets on the grass, plan a relay or a three-legged sack race, or have a supply of chalk and some butcher-paper-covered drawing tables. You might want to supply some old white shirts (adult size) to cover those toddler flower girl dresses and boys’ suits.


Help Them Celebrate
Kids adore celebrations! But they often have their own ways of celebrating, so allow them to have some fun of their own. Pinwheels, party horns, bottles of bubble-blowing solution, noisemakers, confetti or streamers, and balloons. Those are the ingredients for success. Why not supply them for the adults as well as the younger set, and let everyone celebrate with childlike enthusiasm?

A Reason for Their Presence

Children like having tasks to complete, even at a wedding. If you have little ones of different ages at your wedding and subsequent reception, why not group the younger set in teams and give them a job to do? Devise a
scavenger hunt with simple items to collect — a good luck penny, a spring flower, a monogrammed napkin and a menu card, among other items. Then let each team make a wedding collage as a special gift to the bride and groom.
Another idea: Give each team one or two disposable cameras and task them with taking pictures of people having fun. You’ll be guaranteed to have some keeper photos among the lot, and chances are you’ll have good memories as you share them with others.

Destination Wedding Don’ts

Remember that kids will be kids no matter where they are. So, whether your wedding is at the beach, a farm in the country, a ski chalet or your own backyard, be sure to have some supervision and some special activities (as well as some food) that are theirs and theirs alone. If that means enlisting the help of friendly teenagers to direct games or paid adults as babysitters, go ahead and do it so that you enjoy your own wedding celebration. A certified service in a foreign destination is worth the cost in terms of peace of mind and safety. Don’t expect parents to leave their children home, and don’t expect the children to act like little adults.

The Costume Corner

While children love to play dress up, most are less than enthusiastic about staying dressed up. Why not make it seem like fun, not only for the participants in the wedding procession, but for all the nieces and nephews, cousins and children of friends as well. Collect silly hats, eyeglasses and jewelry, mustaches and wigs, scarves, ties, boots, capes, vests and masks. Set up a corner of the room with a large standing mirror and a unique backdrop. Enlist a friend or hire a photographer; if you have a printer and a supply of acrylic easel frames, each child will have a unique gift to take home. Personalize the frames in advance with your names and wedding date for a lasting memento.

Dressing Up and Getting Out

As we mentioned before, most kids love dressing up — and if they experience the fun of special occasions early in life, chances are they’ll be more comfortable in social situations as they grow. From christening dresses to active wear, from formal accessories to boys’ costumes, we have the items and the ideas to make dressing up and getting out special. Remember, we provide free shipping for orders over $30. Call us toll-free at 888.335.5077.
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