metaglip side effects Palani Last time, we gave you a glimpse into how we put new items online.  This time, we’re all about showing you the rest of our day. Here’s a snapshot into what goes on at HeadQuarters.  Oh, and the phone ringing is the soundtrack of our office. 🙂

logiciel winner I‘zāz 8:10 AM – Arrive at the office.
8:11 AM – Stretch.  Tis quite early.
8:12 AM – Process RMA forms /returns.
8:58 AM – Get coffee before phone lines open.
9:00:01 AM – Place first phone order of the day.
9:05 AM – Giggle with other staffers.
9:10 AM – Receive new inventory.
9:22 AM – Get ice cream for breakfast.
9:25 AM – Call UPS.
9:30 AM – Answer e-mails.
9:40 AM – Research latest trends in flower girl fashion.
9:50 AM – Hit volleyball with head.
10:00 AM – Answer Facebook questions / make Facebook post.
10:15 AM – Measure merchandise for size chart.
10:50 AM – Break time.  Off to the food truck!

film télékinésie Straşeni Miraculously none of us here are obese! Thanks, grapes!

plaquenil cena w polsce 11:30 AM – Brainstorming session.
12:00 PM – Decide on what to have for lunch.
12:30 PM – Lunch time!  Discuss latest episodes of our favorite shows!
1:00 PM – Process orders (this is what our ‘ Ships Same Day! (for orders placed before 4pm ET)’ deadline is for.)
1:15 PM – Laugh about something that happened yesterday.  We’re silly like that 😛
1:20 PM – Pick up orders from manufacturers.
1:30 PM – Check items to make sure they’re in tip-top shape before packing them.
1:45 PM – Package orders for shipment.
2:00 PM – Consolidate accounting.  Gotta pay the bills!
3:00 PM – Break time!  Off to see the lady who sells candy.
3:30 PM – Sugar crash; get more ice cream.
4:00 PM – Take pictures for website.
4:15 PM – Write blog entry.
4:30 PM – Answer last phone call of the day.
5:00 PM – Goodbye Pink Princess, hello home!

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