“Are we there yet?” My son and daughter were getting squirmy and impatient as we inched our way up the 101 N. freeway several weeks ago. Stuck in traffic was not my idea of fun, to say the least. The drive, which should have taken only 90 minutes, ended up being 3hours long. My kids are usually pretty good about road trips, but they also have their limits! I admit to joining in on their whining and lamenting. With both my daughter and I prone to motion sickness, bumper to bumper traffic can be the most horrible feeling in the world. Fortunately, everything ended well and we reached our destination, The Hilton Hotel in Ventura California.

Our lovely hotel was situated right next to Oxnard Beach. It was the perfect location for a quiet get away without all the hustle and bustle of a crowded beach town. Each suite had a lovely view of the beach or pool. After admiring our hotel room for a brief second my kids Nicolas and Aria were already standing by the door, ready to sprint to the beach for some sun and relaxation! And so it was, our summer vacation started with two enthusiastic kids in tow.

The weather was partly cloudy, but it was perfect for me. Just enough sun and cloud to give me that equal balance of warmth and shade. Settling into my beach chair with my hat and sunglasses gave me a feeling of relaxation I hadn’t experienced in some time, and I was reveling in it. However, it took me some time to adjust to being in a swimsuit. My farmer tan and stretch marks from the two pregnancies made me very self-conscious. It didn’t help when Aria patted my belly and asked, “Are you having another baby?” At that moment I was about to put my shirt back on, but my husband said, “You still look good to me. Whatever you’re comfortable with I’m good with that.” Made me love my hubby even more! Complete relaxation overcame me 20 minutes later and the joyful screams of my kids (instead of their occasional whining and crying) were muffled by the sound of crashing waves, a sound I wish I could hear more frequently. Eventually I began to doze off, a welcome respite for my mind and soul.

Buried Treasure

But all good things must come to an end sooner or later. Nicolas and Aria jolted me out of my lovely sleep by slapping me with wet sand. They begged me to play with them so their daddy could get a break. The rest of the afternoon was filled with sounds of laughter and splashing, running and chasing the waves, burying each other in the sand, meeting other kids and finally watching the sun setting. It was a nice little vacation for us. We love our summer breaks! (Just not about me wearing a swimsuit).

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