You’ll never want to forget how your little girl looked in her beautiful dress as she whispered secrets to Santa, walked down the aisle as a flower girl, or dressed up for a family photo, but if she’ll be wearing her princess dresses again or you’ll be putting them away for posterity, wrinkles will be a constant threat. Here’s how to keep her dresses looking lovely.

Dry Completely or Buy Wrinkle-Resistant
The more dampness a fabric contains, the more likely that wrinkles will form. That being said, ensure that your little girl’s dress is completely dry before she wears it, or it’s put away. If you’ve chosen a dress made of viscose, polyester, or silk, wrinkles will be far less likely.

Wash Alone or with Like Fabrics
If your daughter’s Easter dresses are machine-washable, you’ll want to make sure you place as little stress on fabric fibers as possible. That being said, wash the dresses alone using the gentle cycle or with other clothing of the same weight and color. This will keep the dresses from being weighted down and prevent unwanted bleeding of dyes.
Another effective way to prevent wrinkles is to hang a dress immediately after it comes out of the dryer. This will allow the garment to air dry, eliminating any dampness as gravity relaxes fibers at the same time.

Banish Wrinkles with Steam
Your little girl’s dress may have a lot of tough wrinkles after it’s been washed and dried. In this case, steam can be a great way to eliminate them. A handheld or standing steamer can make wrinkles disappear quickly and easily. Another great way to get rid of wrinkles is to dampen a hand towel and place it in the dryer with the dress. That little steam button on your iron can be a powerful weapon, too.
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