casino keine einzahlung nötig San José de Jáchal Do you remember the first time your child(ren) called you “mommy?” I can’t recall the exact moment my son did, but he is now a “mama” speaking machine. And hearing him address me with the name never gets old. (Ok, maybe it does when he says it over and over and over again in a needy, whiny voice.) But even then, hearing that sweet boy call me “mama” is one of the sweetest sounds of my day. And with Mother’s Day this weekend, that little voice is a reminder of what makes Mother’s Day special.

les bon numeros will-lessly It isn’t about the flowers or the candy. It isn’t about the jewelry or the spa gift card. It isn’t about the handmade card or the DIY gift (although those are always special). ada 2019 guidelines Brunei It’s about being somebody’s mommy. Not every woman gets the chance to be that, and for some, the life of motherhood is filled with obstacles and difficult life circumstances.

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So this Mother’s Day, I invite you to join me in celebrating the gift of motherhood. No matter what gifts or treats our children give us, let us celebrate and encourage each other as moms. We’re all in this together, and each of us is special and unique. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a work-outside-the-home mom, a single mom, a young mom or an older mom, you deserve to be celebrated. The job of mom is the hardest -and most rewarding- job on the planet. Let us band together and remember that cytotec scammer philippines flop the best gift we can receive this Mother’s Day is simply being somebody’s mommy. Motherhood is the greatest gift of all. acheter flagyl en ligne

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