Flowers are one of the most beautiful things I truly appreciate and admire. What’s not to love about them? The various colors, shapes and fragrances they offer to our senses can bring healing, passion, sentimentality and joy to our spirit. I’m always touched whenever my husband Eric would bring home a bouquet of flowers to surprise me on my birthday or on our anniversary. Words of love and encouragement that follow seem to penetrate more deeply into my heart, making those flowers even more beautiful, more vivid and more special to me. For this reason I wish flowers can last forever. But we all know that they don’t. So how can I recreate a similar experience without having flowers die out on me? Flowers don’t last forever, but cards do!

Cards can’t be as wonderful as flowers in the way they look and smell, but they can hold written messages that can capture a moment in time. For the past 7 years I have written down a variety of meaningful compliments my husband and people have said to me on little cards that I have made for myself. A wise person once suggested that I start this collection of cards so I can always refer to them when I need to remind myself that I am loved, valued and special. She called them a bouquet of cards. So whenever my spirit is down and I need a little pick me up, I would rummage through my stack of hand made cards and read through them. Although not quite the same as receiving flowers, the written words on the cards would penetrate my heart just as deeply.

I have taken this idea and applied it to my friends as well. A couple of my friends have received a stack of homemade cards from me, and I suggested that they write down words of encouragement and love they receive from others around them. They really appreciated this idea and it has blessed them a great deal. I plan to start a bouquet of cards for my kids soon. Kids and adults alike can never get too spoiled when it comes to being reminded of how much they are appreciated and valued from their family, friends and teachers.

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