One day I was cleaning out my kitchen drawers and I came across some empty glass jars that I had salvaged awhile back. They were cute jars that once contained jams, spices and liquid bath cleanser. If you know me well, I have a tendency to save things that I can use for my crafts, recreating objects for other purposes.

The key to making these crafts happen is finding the time to do it! So a couple of days ago, I was determined to fulfill my vision and give two of the six jars a makeover.

The project I had in mind for my glass jars was to etch a design of some sort onto the glass surface. A few months ago I visited a local crafts store and bought a glass etching kit. The directions for the kit were very easy to follow. Simply have the surface of the glass jar cleaned and dried. Next, apply the adhesive stencil design of your choice onto the glass.

Then, apply a thick even coat of etching cream onto the design.  Be sure to wear protective gloves when using etching cream.

Wait about 15 minutes and rinse off the cream under running water. Once the cream has been completely rinsed off, gently remove the stencil and wash it thoroughly with soap and water.

I now have two jars with a beautiful design on them. They will make great personal gifts for friends and family. The jars can be filled with little edible treats or bath salts. Or, it can be used as a little flower vase to enhance a space in the home or office.

I think I’m going to keep both of them for myself.

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