This morning, my baby girl and I were lying in bed after she nursed, and it was pure bliss. I was lying on my back, and she on hers, as she rested her little head on my arm. There were raindrops softly dripping from the roof outside, and all I could hear besides the rain were the soft breaths she was breathing. I lightly combed the hair on her head with my fingertips and just enjoyed the peaceful moment.

I think too often as parents, we don’t stop to cherish moments like this with our children. We’re so eager to get to work, clean the house, check our email and catch up on the news. But all of that “stuff” will still be there later. Those are not the things to pay the most attention to. Sometimes the best memories are created when we simply do nothing but hold our children. That’s it. Just hold them. Smell them, breathe them in, savor the way they feel against our chests. These moments are the ones that we can’t get back. These moments are the ones that we’ll miss one day.

While I soaked up the snuggles with my baby, I checked the time every few minutes to see how much longer I had to just be with her. I didn’t want to get up, or carry on with the responsibilities of the day. As I cuddled with my girl, I tried to forget about everything else. I knew that this rare chance to enjoy the calm within the storm of life was worth holding onto.

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