For Mother’s Day this year, my son brought home the cutest piece of artwork from his school. It was splatters of colors painted on a miniature piece of canvas, with a black cutout of his face, in silhouette form. It was the sweetest gift, and made me teary eyed. It was such a true representation of his profile- his long eyelashes, his cute little turned up nose and his chubby mouth and chin. It reminded me of all the things he is: shy, observant, cuddly, fearless and determined.

This morning, little man crawled into bed with daddy and me, and he wrapped his little arms around my neck. He looked up into my eyes and smiled his perfect little smile. It got me thinking….if I had to pick my baby out of a line up with a blindfold, would I be able to recognize him? Would I be able to gently stroke his arms and know that they are his? Would I be able to kiss his sweet cheeks and identify him? Could I feel the features of his face and know that he was my baby?


I’m realizing more each day how short life is. And I spend thousands of hours watching my child. As he plays, as he eats, as he sleeps. I understand his body language, and the facial expressions that he makes. I never enjoyed studying in school, but studying every inch of my child is fascinating and brings infinite joy to my heart.

Do you find joy in observing every inch of your children?


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