I am hoping that I can get through this post without having to make a run to the bathroom. Why? Because I just found out that I am expecting my 2nd child, and I have been quite the queasy mama these last couple of weeks. I had a much more “active” stomach with my first pregnancy, but this one is more of a tease. I can’t decide which is worse!

But the thing I am really having a hard time with is that for some reason, this pregnancy isn’t as exciting as the last one. Maybe because I already know what to expect. My husband and I have said we want a large family, and we definitely want siblings for our little guy. In fact, we planned this pregnancy. But it doesn’t feel as “real” this time around. In fact, it kind of makes me sad. My precious boy, who has been my one and only love for almost two years, will no longer be my one and only. Can I really love this next child just as much as him? I am hoping that once I start having regular doctor’s appointments, and start seeing this life on the ultrasound screen, maybe I will start to feel more excited about being a mommy again. I know that my little guy is going to be an amazing big brother. He is so sweet and helpful and smart, and seeing him be those things to his new sibling will definitely melt my heart.

They say “every pregnancy is different.” And that’s true, in more ways than one. I feel truly blessed to be able to carry this life inside of me, and I know that once the baby is here, everything will make sense.  I just want to be able to enjoy this pregnancy the same way that I did the last one. For now, I must try and focus on the time that I have left with just my main man. Because soon enough, I’ll go from “one and only” to “double trouble.”

Did you feel any of these bittersweet emotions with your pregnancies?

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