Halloween—it comes but once a year, and it always seems to sneak up on us! If your little one can’t decide on whom to trick-or-treat as this year, let this list guide your spooky way.

You’re a Wizard!
A classic for over twenty years (don’t you feel old?), Harry-Potter-themed Halloween costumes are fun year-round! If you’re looking for Halloween costumes for girls and boys, go for the classic schoolgirl skirt, scarf, or Quidditch robe (pick the right house colors!), round glasses, and a funky wand!
You can DIY the wizard wand at home with a chopstick, hot glue, and acrylic paints. Don’t forget to draw on Harry’s forehead lightning scar!

Superhero to the Rescue!
Superheroes are always in style! Have your little one choose action characters from recent movies, like Lego Ninjago, which is a fun costume for girls or boys and can be layered for colder weather.
With several colors to choose from, the whole family can be a sneaky ninja!

benfotiamine energy Another fun character group is from the ever-popular video game, Super Mario—Luigi and his friend Toad. Don’t forget Luigi’s signature mustache, and maybe a few oversize coins. You can make these by cutting cardboard circles around a plate and painting them bright yellow with numbers.

For those who prefer to be the princess and not the rescuer, Princess Peach shines in her classic pink princess dress. A yellow paper crown can be easily put together with construction paper, hot glue, glitter, and plastic gems.

mystic secrets Disney Classics

Some costumes are classics for a reason—Disney! Whether your little one prefers to be the innocent Snow White or the evil queen, the handsome Beast or the witty Belle, Disney characters from decades ago are still just as fun. Remember to give Snow White a shiny red apple, and Belle needs a perfect rose or a library book.
Check out Pink Princess for more ideas!
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