Your little princess is growing up faster than you know it. It seems just like yesterday when all she wanted to wear were pink dresses. As she has gotten older, she has started to develop her own sense of taste and style. Often, this can be a big departure from what parents prefer.
However, it is important to let your little princess explore what she likes in summer dresses,  clothing, apparel, shoes, and even hairstyles to develop a sense of herself. Sometimes, your princess might need a little nudge to help decide what she likes and does not like. Some girls are happy to wear whatever mom or dad picks out for them. Even though this is a joy for the parents, it could be limiting your daughter’s creativity and sense of self. To help jump-start her creative processes, it can require forcing her to make decisions about what types of clothes she wants to wear or how she wants her hair styled for the day.

If you have to help inspire your daughter, just be careful to not overwhelm her with too many decisions. It is best to give her a few choices for each of her options and let her decide from there, on her own. For example, you could start off by asking her if she wants to wear the light blue or the pink summer dress.
Then, give her an option of two different types of shorts or tights to wear under the dress. With shoes, these could be easy to choose, depending on the plans for the day like for beach trips, when sandals or flip-flops work well.
Next, ask if she wants to wear her hair down or up. If she says up, then give her the choice of a ponytail or pigtails. Next, ask if she wants the hair braided or left loose.
Eventually, your little princess will start to make her own decisions without any prompting. When she starts to do this, allow her the creative freedom to explore her sense of style and taste. You can find a wide range of trendy summer dresses for all occasions for your princess at Pink Princess. Please feel free to browse our selections online or contact us at 888.335.5077 for further assistance.
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