If you’ve found yourself admiring the boys suits on some famous celebrity kids, you may be wondering how to get the very same look for your little guy. Hipster style is fun and nostalgic and, with a few tips, you can totally transform his look for events or every day.

Neutral Colors

One way to achieve the hipster look is to layer neutral colors. Black makes a great base color because it goes with everything. For example, you could purchase a black jacket or black pair of pants. Then, look for brightly-colored shirts and shoes.
Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, either; he can look very handsome wearing two different types of stripes on his jacket and pants when you pair that with a t-shirt in a solid color.

Something Unique

Another important item that will complete the hipster look is something that’s unique and preferably vintage. This could be a vintage band tee, skinny jeans, an older denim or leather jacket, moccasins, suspenders, or a fashionable fedora. Having these staples in his closet will allow you to change up his look quickly and easily. It doesn’t matter how many of them he wears at a time; you can include any number of these items in his everyday outfits.

Glasses and Sunglasses

Your little guy is already looking as cute as can be, but if you feel like there’s something missing, there just might be. A big part of the hipster look involves glasses with black or brightly colored frames. You can find some really adorable non-prescription frames at your local thrift shop, unless he wears glasses already. If that’s the case, you can simply change up his existing frames.

The Hair

Hair is another crucial element to achieving the hipster look. There are many vintage styles that will look great on your little guy and also make it easy for you to maintain, including the side part, Mohawk, spike, and shaggy.

We can help you experiment with boy’s fashion clothes and turn your sweet boy into a handsome hipster; just call 1-888-335-5077 for more info.

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