Whatever the occasion may be, making sure your little one is looking his best during a formal event requires the right tuxedo. Luckily, kids’ tuxedos can be easily measured to fit boys of all shapes and sizes. While most brick-and-mortar stores have a person on staff to take measurements, many people today prefer the convenience of shopping online.


When ordering a tuxedo online, be sure to check accompanying size charts as a guide for taking precise measurements. Sizing charts typically include information on the waist, outseam, shoulder, chest, and sleeve. Pink Princess make this process easier by offering recommended sizes according to your youngster’s age. For example, a child between 8-12 months is most often suited for a size large, a 3-year-old could wear a 3T, and so on (see product pages for sizing chart specifications). These recommendations are based on averages, so taking measurements is still important for finding the perfect fit.


Step 1: Waist

Some toddler tuxedos come with an elastic waistband to make room for growth and future wear. However, in cases where an elastic option is not available, the waist size can be determined with a tape measure. Wrap the tape just below the navel, around the body, and back to the lower navel to determine the inch size of the waist.


Step 2: Outseam
The outseam is the connective lining that runs on the outside of the pants from the waist to the ankle, which determines the length of the pant. Place the measuring tape on the side of the body in conjunction with the navel and measure down to the lower ankle.


Step 3: Shoulders
Measure the shoulders by wrapping the tape all the way around the body over the shoulder area. The tape should be placed just below the collarbone as a starting point while the arms rest comfortably at their sides.


Step 4: Chest
Unlike the shoulders, chest measurements require the arms to be slightly lifted. Run the tape measure beneath the armpits and wrap around the body at the widest part of the chest.


Step 5: Sleeves
With the arm slightly hovering and straightened at the side of the body, place the tape at the lower back of the neck and measure downward, along the side of the neck, arm, and shoulder toward the wrists. The measurement should stop just above the wrist.
For more information on tuxedo measurements, call Pink Princess today at (888) 335-5077 or shop boys’ tuxedos online.

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