I started saying bedtime prayers with my little guy a long time ago, and now he’s old enough to understand the basics of saying prayers. He learns about Jesus at school, and tells me all about Him and the songs his teachers teach him about God.

Recently, he’s been using prayer as a way to make requests that I am unable to fulfill. For example, I was recently in the hospital due to having an emergency appendectomy. My husband and kids were with me as we waited for my CAT scan results, and as my hubby took the baby for a walk, my little guy was stuck in the room with me.


“Where’s daddy?” he asked.

“He’s out there with the baby. If you want to see him, you need to open the door and look out.”

He twisted and turned and pulled on the door handle with all his might, but he just couldn’t get the door open. I was lying in a hospital bed, unable to get up and help him, so I encouraged him to try again. Still, he wasn’t able to get it open. As we waited for my husband to return, I asked him to pray for mommy.

“Jesus, please heal mommy and make her feel better,” I said aloud. Then I asked my boy if he wanted to ask Jesus for anything else.

“And please open the door too,” he said, looking up to the heavens sweetly. It was absolutely adorable, and it showed me that he does understand the basic concept of prayer. However, we need to work on the things he prays for. Last night as we said prayers, after asking for Jesus to watch over us, he asked Him for candy.

I love my little guy so much, and praying with him is a great way to get inside his head and grow closer to God together. I hope his prayer requests will evolve to things far beyond candy, but for now, I’m sure God gets a good laugh listening to us every night.

What’s the funniest thing your kids have prayed for?

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