I recently had a play date with a wonderful mom, Charis, whom I’ve known for a little over a year now, and her two children, Roy and Audrey. My son Nicolas, who is about two years older than Roy, came along for the fun of it and ended up playing up a storm with him. They were like two peas in a pod most of the time, which left my little Aria in the dust, so to speak. But not for long, for Charis’ twelve-year old daughter Audrey, my hero, came to the rescue and befriended her.

What I had intended to be a two hour long play date turned out to be a half a day affair. I don’t know how typical play dates look like for other moms, but my time with Charis was relaxing, fun and refreshing. As most women are able to do well, we chatted and ate, and repeated the cycle without skipping a beat. One highlight of my time was observing Charis’ relationship with Audrey and how heartwarming and beautiful they were with each other. Audrey seemed mature for her age. She was like an old soul who spoke with thoughtfulness and wisdom. The look in her eyes as she chatted away with her mom was warm and trusting. Charis would occasionally affirm her daughter and give her sweet smiles. Their love and respect seemed to go both ways, and the bond between them was undeniably strong. I felt so blessed to have had the opportunity to see that. It seemed that this was more than a typical daughter mother relationship. It was friendship. I appreciated what I witnessed, and I long for that kind of relationship with Aria someday.

As I go with the ebb and flow of friendships in my life, I have always gleaned from every single friend that came my way. For this particular play date, Charis and her daughter made it possible for me to believe that I can have with Aria what I couldn’t have with my own mother when I was growing up. I am hopeful and glad. And until then, I will enjoy her just as she is and smile at all the wisdom she dishes out to me. All is well.

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