Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers are so special in so many ways. When I was growing up I remember how beautiful my mother looked and how hard she worked just to keep the house in order and get the food on the table. She worked tirelessly to prepare healthy meals, washed my clothes, helped with homework, break up fights between my brothers and I, comforted me when I had “ouchies” and showed great patience when I was demanding or difficult. She went through great lengths to make sure I was healthy, happy and successful. Prior to having my own children, I thought I understood the meaning of love and sacrifice of a parent. However, after having my daughter Aria and son Nicolas, the meaning of love and sacrifice took on a whole new dimension. Now, as I celebrate my mother, it is with more thoughtfulness, tenderness and appreciation. For this year, she said that she wanted something simple, preferably something Aria and Nicolas can make for her.

This year for Mother’s Day my kids wanted to create an artwork to add to the monetary gift my husband and I had for my mother. After pondering for a bit about what my kids could do, I found some 14 x 14 white canvases at a local craft store. They were regular looking canvases, but they had a 4×6 insert to fit a photo of your choice. Aria and Nicolas painted their hands and made hand prints on the canvases. It was very simple and fast! When the paint was dry I inserted a cute photo of the kids. They made one for my mother and the other for my mother-in-law.

We had an early celebration for my mother this year. We took her to a Chinese restaurant, and the food was very yummy!

But the exciting part was when we presented the canvas to her and she was absolutely tickled with delight. She loved the hand prints! I love this craft so much that I think I’ll have the kids make one for me. It’s a very sweet gift. Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

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