With “My Communion Dress,” I hope to share some of my memories. Hopefully, you too will be reminded of beautiful memories and “your” communion dress. Sometimes these dresses even have shared memories attached to the organza and lace.

A mother’s wedding dress can receive a new life and be transformed into her daughter’s communion dress. First Communion dresses may also be passed down from mother to daughter. Within some families, dresses pass traditionally between sisters.

The celebration, however, is “your” special day. The dress and the day belong to you. The memories will stay with you forever. Everyone has a special memory – maybe funny, maybe inspiring, maybe sweet, but always at least one vivid recollection.

On that special day, memories seem to permeate every delicate stitch of the communion dress. Every little girl has been prepared for the celebration. The significance of the religious ceremony doesn’t escape them. Yet that dress also has that “little princess” appeal.

I still can remember my amazement at the incredibly light fabric. Tiny sparkling appliques remain bigger than life in my memory. The flowing veil and circle of flowers – and even more sparkles – made me feel like a “little princess” for a day. I had always played “princess” and this day was my chance to be one

I understood the religious importance of the day. I was also honored and pleased to be receiving the Eucharist. Yet for a little girl who liked to play princess, the dress itself made a very lasting impression.

I’m not alone, however, in having vivid memories of my communion dress. Numerous books, blogs, forums, and websites are devoted to the sole subject of First Communion. “Remembering your communion dress” is often a featured discussion topic in forums.

Mothers remember the joy and then share it again with their daughters. My dress was given to a family member sometime over the years. My daughter wore a “shared memory” dress from another family member. I added a few extra personal touches – including a white silk flower – to make it “her” dress.

Today’s communion dress retailers can help you create unique dresses. You can choose from several styles of dresses. You can then create an unique look by adding sashes and detachable flowers. Customized fashion is possible by choosing “Create Your Dress” options.

My communion dress, my daughter’s dress, and your dress made special memories. We received, however, something more special on that day – the Eucharist. “The Eucharist is the Sacrament of Love, it signifies Love, it produces Love.” ~ St. Thomas Aquinas

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