Worried about what colors or style type outfit to wear for this year’s Holiday pictures, I started thinking of what I wore last year and the year before, and the year before that. Eventually I found myself drifting to the days when I was a child dressed in what my mom used to consider the trendiest Holiday outfits ever.

My mom dressed me in it all; from the sailor style dresses that almost every one of my cousin also had, to the classic checkered red and black long sleeve dress with plenty of ruffled tulle sticking out the bottom.   Almost always these outfits were worn with the heavyweight cotton or laced design tights and black leather shoes that buckled way at the ankle. The giggliest part of all was probably the hair; headbands with a huge organza bow to the side of this big poufy hair due.

As time goes by the styles of the Holidays change a lot and young girls are dressed very modernly.  Simple sophisticated ponytails adorned with a little ribbon bow, perhaps even a tiny swirl at the hair tips. Nylons are thinner and hardly worn with lace designs anymore; instead most girls are now dressed with just socks to match their chic dresses.  The shoes look more and more like Mommy’s with every new style, chic flats and strappy small heels.  The dress styles now have fewer patterns; instead they are made with flocked modern, almost artistic, designs.

Trends have changed since I was a little girl but some of those styles seem to have gained a comeback; like the headband with a big bow to the side. The always stylish Holiday checkered dresses are still sold in high demand almost every year.  You can still find those sailor outfits and maybe even pleaded dresses.  The designs and material might be different but the black, red, burgundy, sage and even silver and gold colors that were “in” when I was a child, are still popular choices in current Christmas Holiday Dresses.

Who knows what next year’s trends will bring; perhaps we might find tie-dye Capri nylons stylish again… but I hope not.


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