Have you ever wondered how your once perfectly paired socks end up single after pulling them out of the wash or dryer? As you fold your clothes, you look for that missing sock. However, to no avail! Your set of socks are now down to six perfect pairs, and a dozen of mismatched singles.

As a mom to 4 yr. old Aria and 6 yr. old Nicolas, their pile of mismatched socks gets bigger by the week. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find each sock it’s rightful partner, but that’s rare. So what’s the solution?

Friends Forever

Safety pins! I finally decided to pin each pair of dirty socks together before they take a swim in the wash. Guess what? Perfectly paired socks each time, guaranteed! Now all’s well that ends well.

As for the mismatched socks, I can make hand puppets! What a wonderful opportunity for my kids and I to bond as we glue buttons, ribbons, bows and bits of fabric from my sowing box to create their characters.

To see the finished product of our hand puppets, stay tuned for the next blog entry!

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