Who said pettiskirts were only made to wear under a dress? Now a days it looks like a hot trend is wearing a pettiskirt as a fun every day wear skirt. Not only are they fun and colorful but very practical. They come in various colors and you can dress it up or down. They’re not just for infants or toddlers. Young woman are wearing them under Homecoming dresses for extra volume and a more colorful look.

I have to admit when I first saw them, I wasn’t THE biggest fan. Once you see them on and with the right flower girl accessories, they don’t look bad. I’ve seen girls wear them with black tights and heels and it looks fun and comfortable.  Toddlers look adorable in them. It’s an every day “princess outfit” for them.  They’re great for dressing up a regular t-shirt or to wear and twirl in for ballet class.

They’re fun, easy to maintain, and practical. There’s no need to take it to the dry cleaners or go thru the hassle of ironing it. They’re hand washable and the more crinkled it gets, the fuller it looks. Majority come based on age so you don’t have to worry about taking any type of measurements, and with an elastic waist, they’ll have enough room to grow into. They’re mainly made of floating chiffon and ruffles that go on forever. Some of them even come with a ribbon at the waist for extra detail.  They come in various colors and styles. They even have a full body petticoat dress like our style SP554, just in case you can’t find a shirt, this one already has it attached to the skirt.

Many brides are starting to use them as flower girl dresses because there’s no need to add a petticoat like you would to a “regular” flower girl dress. They’re easier to mix and match with the bridal parties colors, or you can get one with petals already inside the skirt, like our style SP110 on pinkprincess.com.

They make great gifts for girls of all ages or for your own princess to wear in any occasion. You’re sure to find the color/colors you’re looking for. Pettiskirts are all about having fun, and with 40 yards of fluffy chiffon, you can be assured you’re princess will have the time of her life twirling and playing in hers.

sk-554a SK-509a

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