This past week, something happened in my home. My normally calm, cool & collected boy turned 2, and like a light switch, released the terrible twos when it happened. It really was a Jekyll & Hyde type of experience. Up until this week, I was getting comments from people everywhere I went about how well behaved my son was. At church, at the grocery store, wherever we went, I was giving myself a pat on the back because I was proud of the way my son acted. Even at home, he was very obedient and easy to be around. I felt very lucky that I didn’t have to deal with a misbehaved child.

But now, now that he has discovered a dose of independence, now, things are suddenly different. It all happened overnight. Now, instead of happily sitting at the table for breakfast when I ask him to, he starts whining and trying to assert his opinion. Now, he wants to choose what his breakfast meal will be. And when I say “no” to the cookie that he wants, it’s hell hath no fury like a toddler scorned. He throws himself onto the ground, crying like he’s just discovered his favorite stuffed animal was run over by a semi truck. And for several minutes, he stays on the ground, flailing his arms and legs and refusing to even let me attempt to calm him down. And of course, my frustration level is rising, but I refuse to let his tantrum fuel one from me. So, I let him get it all out, on the ground, wishing badly that I wasn’t 6 months pregnant so I could have an alcoholic beverage. Or two.

I always heard about these “terrible twos,” but since my baby has always been so easy tempered, I never thought I’d really have to experience these tantrums with him. Little did I know that sweet little boy demeanor was just a phase. And, hopefully, these terrible two tantrums will also be.

Parents- have you experienced the terrible twos with your little ones?
How did you cope?
 photo, theSITSgirls
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