There’s no doubt about it. Great swimwear can help your little girl make a “splash” at the beach. Pink Princess sells kid’s swimwear that will make your little beach bunny stand out in the crowd!

As a mom, dress your girl for the season. We’ve complemented our stylish designer kid’s clothing with several types of irresistible swimwear. The newest items and bestsellers in our catalog include these unique choices:

Coral & Reef Swimwear: Designs sporting sea life, tropical fruit, and mermaids will let  your little girl express her style and individuality this summer.

DC Comic Girls Swimwear: Your daughter can sport her favorite female superhero on the beach or look the part herself!

Gossip Girl Swimwear: Let her grow into her flashy, colorful style this summer and be the talk of the shore and a hit with friends.

Hello Kitty Swimwear: Several quirky bikini and swimsuit designs are in stock to allow your girl to express her purr-fectly fun side.

Hula Star Swimwear: Is your daughter a budding hula star? Let her show her spunk with these flower, heart, butterfly, and other designs

Ingear Kids Swimwear: These choices look youthful yet sophisticated, letting your girl be herself and show her mature side.

Limeapple Swimwear: A “Guppy” swimsuit or “Sawtail” bikini will bring out the best in  a young girl, with exceptional comfort to boot.

Recognized brand names are available as well, including Paul Frank, Stella Cove, and Kate Mack swimwear.

A diverse selection of colors and designs from Pink Princess enables your girl to dress and be herself on any beach day. They even go with our different types of kids’ sunglasses.

We can also fill your girl’s wardrobe any season of the year with pink dresses, flower girl dresses, first communion dresses, and attire for occasions including pageants, graduations, and more. Make your growing young girl sparkle with fun, fashionable swimwear that’s perfect for time in the sun, in the water, or playing in the sand. Our line of kid’s swimwear is for sale now! Shop on our site today or call us toll-free at 888-335-5077.

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