In today’s society, flower girls are a pretty standard (and precious) part of countless wedding parties—a tradition loved by many. With that said, while you’re rushing around trying to organize colors and coax the little ones into trying on flower girl dresses, pause for a moment and consider the historical role of the flower girl. It may make the tradition all the more meaningful to you and your wedding party.

While the origins of some wedding traditions are not always 100 percent accurate, many believe that flower girls date back to Ancient Rome. During this age, it was believed that young attendants carried sheaves of wheat and herbs to wish the married couple future prosperity and fertility. By the Medieval age, bouquets of garlic were carried to ward off evil spirits.

It wasn’t until the Elizabethan era that the tradition of scattering flower petals came into practice—just one of the traditions that we still use today. The modern flower girl looks much like the Victorian flower girl, who wore a beautiful, white dress and carried flowers down the aisle.

Today, flower girls follow the maid of honor down the aisle, carrying anything from flowers to confetti to wrapped candies, or even blowing bubbles—depending on the bride’s preference! The flower girl’s purpose is to lead the bride forward, symbolizing the bride’s innocence fading away as the role of mother and wife evolve. She is to represent beauty, innocence, and even good luck!

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