As kids, many of us enjoyed dressing up to attend movie screenings. Whether we went as our favorite protagonist or villain, there was something fun about portraying a fictional character. Through playing dress-up, we were free to let our childhood imaginations run wild, and the impossible was possible. Many parents pass on their childhood love of dressing-up onto their kids. With The Lego Batman Movie premiering on February 10th (and a certain, widely-anticipated Disney movie on March 17th) we anticipate that this tradition will continue.

The Lego Batman Movie is a spinoff to 2014’s The Lego Movie.  Many of us enjoyed playing with Legos as kids and watching Batman on film and TV. The Lego Batman Movie juxtaposes two of our favorite cultural icons into one film.

Pink Princess is happy to announce that we have 8 (8!) different Lego Batman/Batgirl costumes to choose from! These costumes are fully stocked and ready to ship, just in time for February 10th!

View our selection of Lego costumes here!

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