One of the hardest decisions when it comes to wedding planning is whom to ask to be members of your bridal party. And then you have to find a dress and shoes for them to wear. And then you have to find the perfect gift to say “thank you.” It can be overwhelming to make so many decisions! For some brides, there is yet another decision to be made- whether or not to include a junior bridesmaid.

Maybe you have a niece, or a sister, or a daughter, who is too old to be a flower girl, but who you’re very close to and really want to be a part of your big day. Asking her to be a junior bridesmaid can be an exciting proposition (hello- the chance to dress up like a princess??). But then you must decide if she’s going to wear a dress similar to your other bridesmaids, or stand out in her own special dress. This is something that only you -the bride-to-be- can decide. But maybe we can help you figure it out.


Bubble Dress w/ Bead Shoulder Straps, Pink Princess


Our Bubble Dress w/ Bead Shoulder Straps is a gorgeous, fun-tastic dress choice for junior bridesmaids. It comes in 3 fabulous colors- black, purple & fuchsia- and there are 7 sash color choices. Not only that, but it’s super stylish, shimmery and wedding chic. We can’t think of any reason why your junior bridesmaid wouldn’t love it! We sure do. Now it’s time for you to say “I do!” to this “bubbly” dress.

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