Contrasting patterns: are they a yes or no at events? More and more contrasting patterns have been seen sneaking their way into modern style for everyday and event outfits. Especially for little ones, contrasting patterns can be a huge hit for toddler dresses or suits for boys.
When you want your little one to look absolutely as cute as can be, contrasting patterns can make for a great attention-getter! Here are the best tips and tricks for pulling off contrasting patterns.

Use One Pattern as an Accent

When choosing which two patterns to contrast, there can be a fine line between looking stylish and looking too busy. To avoid looking like you didn’t check the mirror before you left the house, maximize one pattern over another. A cute plaid coat with striped leggings may just be enough to catch the eye.

Choose a Color and Stick With It

Contrasting patterns? OK. Contrasting different patterns with different colors? Not OK. Don’t get caught wearing an explosion of colors and patterns that are distracting and cluttered. Instead, try starting with black and white contrasting colors, like boys’ suits or toddler tuxedos. Then consider adding a little color after the fact.

Mix Up the Price Ranges
One of the best tricks in the book is to take something inexpensive with a higher-end piece and design something of fashion art as a result! This is such a wonderful method to follow when working with girls’ designer clothes because there are so many options and accessories available.

Contrast Patterns by Season
Sometimes a seasonal contrast could be all you need to make an outfit work. When it comes to something like girls’ party dresses, a summer dress may go great with a winter cardigan, or a bright blue spring blouse may match that sunburnt orange fall jacket you have just right. Be bold – challenge yourself to try different things on and see what works!
Be Confident!
Don’t let the naysayers get you down. Being different and unique is a good thing! For your next outfit or event, choose elegant and stylish contrasting patterns from Pink Princess! Give us a call today at 1-888-335-5077!
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