A couple of weeks ago my son Nicolas finally had his first experience riding on roller coasters. For his 7th birthday my family and I took him to a local amusement park to celebrate his special day. While taking a 7yr. old child on thrill rides may not seem a big deal to many, for my husband and I, it was a monumental day to remember.

A few blogs ago I had written about Nicolas’ sensory challenges since he was an infant. At the age of two, swinging back and forth and side to side was unbearable for him. When his occupational therapist would work with him on this particular issue, Nicolas would run away screaming and crying with his arms flailing in all directions. She would run after him and lovingly embrace him with her firm arms until he calmed down. Although he’s come a long way since then, I didn’t think he would overcome most of his sensory issues as early as he has.

That day at the amusement park Nicolas had finally changed his tune. There were no signs of fear, no screaming and no crying. No one had to run after him to calm him down. The only sound that came from his lips were laughter and joyful shouts as he rode each ride that he considered too scary only a year ago. That was music to my ears! His smile was so wide I didn’t think his mouth could stretch so far! At the end of the day he kissed my hand and said, “I love you mom! I had a great time!” As exhausting and expensive as that day was, it was well worth it!

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