With the new year in full swing and spring on its way, it’s time for a kids closet cleanout—but what if you’re afraid to even open their closet doors? These tips can help you fall in love with your
kids wardrobe again.

Pull Out What’s Not Needed
Turn up the music and have some fun with your children, but don’t be afraid to be unmerciful, either. Remove anything that no longer fits or that they don’t wear. Use this as an opportunity to show your children the importance of organization.

Organize with a Strategy

Once you’ve thinned out the clothing in the closet, think about accessibility and saving time as you reorganize. By accessibility, we mean that neither you nor your child should have trouble getting to any item of clothing or sporting gear. Organizing for time means ensuring everything has its own place and that items are arranged in such a way as to make them effortless to locate, even when you’re most pressed for time.

Make Reaching Easier

You won’t have issues reaching anything in your kids’ closet, but what about your children? Increase access by first determining what height is reachable for kids. Then, draw an imaginary line at that height across their closets, ensuring anything you put back in is placed below that line.

Storage and Color Coding

Placing certain items in storage compartments and labeling them will save you tons of time on busy mornings and make clean-up easier. Using color-coded hangers will also make it easy for your own children to clean up. Keep heirloom pieces pristine by storing them inside garment bags after dry cleaning.

This see-through Christening garment bag with zipper closure is durable and keeps dust (and hands) away from your most treasured pieces.

Maximize the Space

Chances are, your kids’ closets can do a lot more than store their clothing and shoes. Look at the closet doors—is there room for additional over-the-door storage? If you have a lot of space above, a big net for holding stuffed animals or lesser used items may do.
What are some of your tips and tricks for organizing your kids’ closet space? Let us know in comments!
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