This post will show you how to take an old boxy T-Shirt and turn it into something new for school!  You are just two simple steps away from changing your wardrobe.

Pick out one or several boxy T-Shirts that you are willing to cut.   They will NEVER look the same again.  So, uh, choose wisely.

Retro Cancun shirt

Then cut off the cuff-like-thingies located on the sleeves, collar, and hem.

Safety scissors, so I can be safe.

This “new” shirt is then worn over a tank top. The tank top should be one of the accent colors on the T-shirt or coordinate with the main color.

I got this T-shirt from Disneyland.

Wash for a frayed look.

For these (useless) cut-off cuffs, you can cut them to use as ribbons, or give them to your little brother to use as “slingshots.”  Just kidding on the slingshot part.

Since it was free, I made 3!

This style is called “Flashdance” like the movie from the 80’s.  I hope you all found this post both useful and stylish.

:)- “The Girl”

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