Christenings and baptisms are religious ceremonies of the Christian faith. A baptism involves a baby (or adult) being submerged or sprinkled with holy water in a church and re-emerging as a Child of God. A christening happens during a baptism and is when the baby is given a name. However, these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. These are very special events, so you’ll want to dress your child in appropriate clothing. Clothing for these ceremonies, like christening dresses and baptismal gowns, are often special heirlooms passed through generations—but don’t worry if you don’t have a special dress yet. You can always choose your baby’s gown and save it for future generations to wear on their own
special day.
White is the traditional color for a girl’s christening, as white tends to signify a new purity and the washing away of original sin, but it doesn’t have to be all white. Some families choose soft pastels of blue or pink, but always something light in color.

What Should My Daughter Wear to a Christening?
Most children wear a traditional dress on their special day, wearing either a family keepsake or a modern but timeless design. Look for classic decorations like lace or pleats, and fabrics like silk, cotton, and organza. You want to pick something beautiful and not too flashy or trendy—think classic, timeless, and heirloom-worthy.
You’ll probably want to wait to put your baby in her new outfit until just before the ceremony, to keep it nice and clean, so pack an extra outfit if you need to. Your baby can also wear darling accessories like a blanket and matching socks as well.
This outfit will mostly be worn after the ceremony, so be sure it’s something that fits your baby well enough and is comfortable.
Headbands are great ways to spruce up a plain white outfit, so don’t be afraid of going for something with a little something extra. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
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