White can be right for you but every shade of white isn’t right for everyone. There are hundreds of shades of white. Certain whites can be more complimentary to one skin tone than another. Not every combination in the ‘white’ spectrum will work well together.

The manner in which any fabric – natural, blend, or synthetic – reflects or absorbs light depends on its fiber content. A fabric’s fiber can cause a considerable difference in the appearance of white. Silk white, which is never a brilliant white, is naturally made by silkworms and owes its shade to its origin.

With brilliant white at one end of the spectrum and cream at the other, in between, there are numerous shades and variations of each white. Everyone can find their perfect ‘white’ among the eight most popular shades. When you recognize the shades of white and know which one works for your skin tone, you can always choose the best ‘white’ for you.

8 Most Popular Shades Of White

1. Brilliant White
Brilliant white is a bright, crisp white. It looks great with dark skin. Brilliant white is found in many fabrics including cotton and polyester. Since brilliant white looks stunning in sunlight, this shade is perfect for a beach wedding. A brilliant white wedding dress will really stand out if the bridesmaids and flower girl are in bold colors.

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White Is White, Right?

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