My little guy turns 3 in just a couple weeks, and we’re currently in the “Why? Why? Why?” phase of toddlerhood. No matter what it is, he has to ask “Why?” And sometimes I get so tired of being a broken record, that my answer is simply, “Because I said so.” I love that he’s so inquisitive. After all, he has to learn about the world somehow, and who better to teach him than me? But at the same time, I wish he didn’t feel the need to know everything about everything.

It’s not that I don’t want to answer his questions. It’s that I don’t want to answer the same ones over and over. I suppose there’s also a bit of insecurity on my part, wondering if my answers will be good for him.

Will he understand them? Will they give him insight? Will they be something he can share with others?

I want to make sure that during this crucial part of his development, the answers I give him are insightful and educational. I want him to know that he can trust me to help him understand things, that there isn’t anything he can’t come to me about. I want him to feel comfortable opening up and building a strong relationship with me.

So, how can I find a balance between being a vessel full of knowledge and also refusing to be an “informational jukebox,” giving him easy answers whenever he pushes my buttons?

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