When you think of winter, what comes to mind? Cold weather? Scarves? Hot chocolate? How about snowflakes? Even if you don’t live in a place that gets snow, snowflakes are a symbol of the winter season. They are a symbol that is often represented in our wardrobe and accessories. Even when it comes to a winter wedding, snowflakes are a beautiful element to incorporate.

You can have snowflake centerpieces, snowflake adornments on your floral arrangements, or a snowflake design wedding cake. But what about including snowflakes on a smaller scale? In a way that makes you feel more connected to winter but doesn’t overpower the rest of the wedding? How about wearing snowflake jewelry on your wedding day?


Whether it’s a snowflake necklace, snowflake earrings or a snowflake bracelet, you can add just a touch of winter to your wedding wear by sporting some snowflake jewelry. And you’ll often find snowflake pieces with blue in them, so you can cover that “something blue” element too! You could also consider adding a snowflake hair accessory if you like the idea of a wintry hairstyle. Snowflakes are one of those shapes that are so pretty, it’s almost hard to overdo using them.

Do you like the idea of having snowflakes as part of your big day?

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